The E.M.G. Story by Francis James

Before this book, very little was known about the world of E.M.G. Handmade Gramophones and EXPERT Handmade Gramophones.
Through some excellent research Mr. James has unraveled a mine of fascinating information about these two British companies and the people who helped make these huge horned gramophones.
E.M.G Handmade Gramophones Ltd was founded in 1923 by Ellis Michael Ginn. With the help of Henry Seymour, Percy Wilson, David Phillips & Balfour Davey, they did in fact produce the best gramophones on the market. Ginn, however, lost control of the company in 1929 to Balfour Davey, the real genius behind EMG. Ginn then started the rival "EXPERT" brand.
Francis James takes the reader through the intrigue, politics and rivalry of the times, to make this a compelling read.  
This book is now out of print.  The books for sale here are NEW and include a dustcover and bookmark. The author, Francis James has given permission to now also include photocopies of two postscripts that were written by him and published in, "For The Record".
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Author Francis James
Publisher Old Bakehouse Publications
Date of Publication 01/11/1998
Language English
Format Hardback
ISBN-10 1874538271
ISBN-13 9781874538271











These rubber parts are made from 100% Natural Rubber.

Custom made to exact original specs.

TYPE A: 28.5mm x 20mm x 13mm.  Replacement for most EMG, Expert, Meltrope 1 &11 soundboxes to fit a HMV re-entrant tonearm (~20mm). Try an EMG, Expert, Meltrope 1 or 11 soundbox on your re-entrant.

TYPE B: 28.5mm x 17.8mm x 13mm. Replacement for most EMG, Expert, Meltrope 1 and 11 soundboxes to fit a normal tonearm (~18mm)

TYPE C: 26.5mm x 17.8mm x11.8mm.  Replacement for Meltrope 111 soundboxes.  Also fits snugly into the 5A/B soundboxes and fits on an EMG, Expert or HMV 4 tonearm. There is obviously no compression nut but with a bit of talcum powder it fits perfectly on the tonearm without the metal ring.

TYPE D: 23.5mm x 17.8mm x 10mm. Replacement for some early EMG soundboxes

TYPE E: 28mm x 17mm x 13mm. Replacement for some EMG soundboxes

TYPE F: 23mm x 17mm x 10mm. Replacement for some early EMG soundboxes.  ALSO a replacement for a HMV4 soundbox , It fits over the cleaned metal ring and snuggly into the HMV 4 soundbox.

(Type E and Type F are odd sizes I have found on some rare EMG soundboxes, they also work on normal EMG soundboxes.

TYPE G: Replacement rubber for a Davey Rollright thorn needle sharpener.

TYPE H: Replacement rubber for Victor Orthophonic , HMV 5A , 5B  No16. This part has the all important outer lip which creates an airtight seal with the tonearm. Without this outer lip your reproducer will never sound it's best. This is only the rubber not the metal flange within the rubber.  You will need to remove your old part and use the original metal flange.


My personal method for removing the rubber from an HMV 5A or 5B soundbox

The biggest problem is unscrewing the two screws. The screw slot head often splits and then the only solution is drilling them out. I soak the back of the reproducer in WD40 overnight and that usually loosens the screws to easily remove them.

 Then try and slowly twist the rubber off. If that does not work, place a small flathead screwdriver inside at a 45 degree angle and twist. Do this all around; this usually lifts it out a fraction at a time without damage.

 If that does not work, I cut the top of the rubber clean off and drill tiny holes all around the remaining rubber, between the body and the metal ring. This will remove it.  

 With my replacement the original metal ring needs to be removed from the old rubber and fitted to the new rubber.  The replacement rubber has a profiled inside to fit the metal flange.  Talcum powder will help with installing the rubber back into the soundbox. Drill a small hole in the rubber through the screw-hole and replace the two screws. All this at your own risk ofcourse

PRICE is £15 (US$20) each. Registered postage to anywhere in the world is £8 (US$10) for any number you buy.